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The testimonials you are about to read are completely authentic and have not been edited from their original form. They were provided by clients as a way to say thank you for the services received through Pishotta Counseling Services. 

Testimonial #1

“Sometimes the hardest decision you could make is the one to admit and seek help for problem/issue/obstacle that you can’t overcome by yourself. To try to find a new perspective on something that you feel hinders your ability to live life in the way that you feel is fulfilling. I’ve been a patient at Pishotta Counseling for only a short time and in that span of a few months I’ve realized so many profound things about myself. I was reluctant to start because I felt that counseling was for someone who was “crazy” or had major issues. As I’ve been going I’ve realized that it really is for those who feel that they need and/or could better themselves and their relationships. There is no shame in this and through that thought I’ve come to appreciate counseling in a new light.Mark has been a great help to me in such a short amount of time that I couldn’t possibly say thank you enough to him. His unique way of counseling has brought me from one of the worst places in my life to a hopeful, renewed, positive one. I’m continually moving more and more towards a state of mind where I understand myself, my actions, my thoughts, feelings, and what I’m looking for in all aspects of life. I’ve referred a few of my friends that are seeking help to try and speak with him because I can only hope that they are able to receive the same benefit from counseling that I have. The care and commitment that Mark has shown me is more then I could have hoped for when I first began counseling.If you are reading this and considering counseling in any way, I can only salute you for reaching out for assistance in understanding more about yourself. Mark has been a great asset in my life and I’m grateful every week for continuing my sessions with him.”  

Testimonial #2

"When I hear people say they don’t believe in counseling, I often wonder if they don’t believe in going to the hospital when they need stitches. My family was going through a difficult time and that is when Mark Pishotta’s business card was handed to me and a phone call was made. My eighteen year old son was in need of someone to help him get through some difficult issues he was facing in high school. My daughter needed someone to help her develop the strength to get through her father leaving the home. I found myself in need of counseling to become a much stronger and independent person. If counseling wasn’t something I had the courage to have my family participate in, I am not sure where the three of us would be today. Not only is Mark helping us reach our individual goals, he is taking us beyond our own expectations. The three of us have never felt more comfortable discussing our situations. Mark is very easy to talk to and relates to each of us. Issues are validated. Discussions are uplifting and easily understood. Expectations are realistic. My teenage children feel that Mark is someone that “gets it”. I feel that sessions are truthful and powerful. Each session ends with a lifelong lesson. I am impressed that the three of us can come to counseling to work on different issues, and Mark is able to blend our issues together so we are able to grow and thrive as individuals and as a family. If you have never given counseling a chance, you are embarrassed to try it, or you don’t believe that some strange person could possibly help you with a problem, please believe three people that took a chance. We are not sure where we would be today if we did not give counseling a try. We are grateful that Mark Pishotta’s business card was handed to us!"  

Testimonial #3

"Making the decision to begin counseling is never easy, it is almost as difficult as struggling with the existing problems in your life. The day I decided to take that leap of faith and find a counselor was a life altering moment for me. I armed myself with my laptop and started searching for local therapists. I called a few searching for just the right fit. I came across Mark Pishotta's web site and began to read, I left a message and heard back within hours from Mark. I do believe I am still waiting for some of the others to get back to me months later. I made an appointment just to see if this was indeed a good fit for me, and within that first meeting I knew I had found the person I wanted to help me. Mark made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, he knew how nervous I was and reassured me I had nothing to fear, I think what I like best about talking with Mark is he remembers so much of what we talk about from week to week, he is not reading my life from a file during our sessions or asking me to remind him what we talked about. I have been in therapy for approximately three months and am thankful everyday I made this decision to take the first steps in helping myself. It is an empowering feeling. I encourage anyone who is contemplating therapy to make that first appointment with Mark and take those first steps to taking back your life. Thank you Mark."  

Testimonial #4

"I really look forward to see Mark. At first I was very hesitant about talking with someone I didn't know, but Mark soon changed that. He has something about him that gave me a very calm and relaxing feeling. He is a genuine man with immense passion for helping others. He has given me a few different techniques to calm myself down if I start to feel overwhelmed."